RapidBlade at Indonesia Riverboarding Fest 2011

Rapidblade Riverboards participate in the show Indonesia Riverboarding Fest 2011 on 5-6 March 2011 in Palayangan river, West Java. this event was organized by Indonesia Riverboarding Association (IRA) and followed by many riverboarding community in Indonesia.
There are various categories of competitions which are held, among others: sprint in adolescent and adult categories, slalom, etc.. 

Besides that, it also held coaching clinic for local people who do not know about this sport, expected to increasingly recognized riverboards and thrive in the future.
activists see the open interest is a growing sport, provides its own impetus for rapidblade to further popularize this sport in Indonesia


RapidBlade at NOARS Ecoraft 2010

Relax at rest area

Kang Tri and Teh Maya from Firantcha Riverboards, Bandung

RapidBlade Action | photo by Dudung Dhuhita

RapidBlade Action | photo by Dudung Dhuhita

On 18 December 2010, Rapidblade Riverboards participated in the NOARS Ecoraft 2010 held in Pekalen river, Probolinggo, East Java. This activities that are intended as one of concern for the environment, lasts quite a success.
Rapidblade come in here as one of the supporting sponsor, and enliven this event with attractions riverboards who entertain the participants. Assisted by fellow boarders from Bandung, this river clean-up activities may become more colorful.
In addition, Rapidblade conduct fund raising for victims of natural disasters by selling a DVD which contained some of riverboards trips, the results of which were donated through the charity program Pundi Amal SCTV“.

Apologize :)

Location: Big Wall Dam, Mlirip, Mojokerto, Indonesia
We’re sorry for our lateness of our updating blog. we’re a little bit too busy with our unstoppable innovation for our boards. It became wilds in our head, and we’re just going crazy if we don’t manifest it into some obvious creation.
So right now, we’re going to compile our unpublished adventure into this digital page 😉

Hello Boarders !

Maybe you never heard about riverboard before, well this is a correct spot to find out what kind of sport this is. Skip that! Rapidblade is a new invention of (river)board type, you can see further specification in menus above.

Well enjoy surf..;)

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